Exploring the Use Case of Digital Signatures with Our eViewer HTML5 Document Viewer

The shift from traditional paper-based to digital documents has brought numerous advantages, but it has also raised concerns about the security and authenticity of electronic-based documents. To address these concerns, digital signatures have become a powerful feature. They not only ensure the integrity of your documents but also provide a legally binding method of authentication in the digital realm.

Understanding Digital Signatures

A digital signature is a cryptographic technique that verifies the authenticity of a digital document. It serves as a virtual fingerprint, uniquely identifying the sender and confirming that the content has not been altered during transit.

What Are Digital Certificates and Why Are They Important?

Digital certifications play a crucial role in ensuring the authenticity and integrity of electronic documents. It contains key information such as the certificate holder’s public key, their identity, and the digital signature of the certificate issuer, known as the Certificate Authority (CA). A digital signature can also be validated by attaching a digital certificate to the signature. It is easy for users to import digital certificates into our eViewer to facilitate this process.

Additionally with digital documents, a sender can sign a document using their private key to create a unique digital signature. The recipient can then use the sender’s public key, obtained from their digital certificate, to verify the signature’s authenticity and ensure the message has not been tampered with during transit. This process provides a secure and trustworthy means of verifying the origin and integrity of digital information, making digital signatures a fundamental component of secure online transactions and communication.

eViewer HTML5: Providing a Greater Level of Security

Our document viewer tool is tailored to the needs of organizations and governments, providing a seamless, user-friendly platform for managing electronic documents. Our digital signature feature ensures secure and efficient business transactions, contract authorization, and validation of the legitimacy of electronic documents. Here are some common use cases for digital signatures that your organization and utilize with eViewer:

1. Secured Identity

eViewer offers customizable e-signatures that enable organizations to choose the compliance level needed for each case. You can use local, trustworthy digital identity schemes, or engage with expert third-party trust service providers to bring your own identity. These identities are secured with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), ensuring that e-signatures are supported by digital certificates for enhanced security.

2. Ensuring Document Integrity

Digital signatures serve as a tamper-evident seal for your documents. When a document is signed using our tool, any subsequent alterations to the file will be detected, alerting users to potential unauthorized changes. This ensures that the document retains its original form and content, instilling confidence in the integrity of your digital assets.

3. Maintaining the Authenticity and Legal Validity

eViewer allows users to attach digital signatures to their documents, providing a secure and legally recognized method of authenticating the sender. This is particularly valuable in scenarios such as contract signings, where the assurance of the signer’s identity is paramount especially in legal scenarios. Our document viewer ensures that your digitally signed documents comply with relevant regulations and can stand up in a court of law.

4. Efficient Workflow Management

With eViewer, users can streamline their workflow by digitally signing documents without the need for physical paperwork or in-person meetings. This not only saves time but also enhances the overall efficiency of business processes, making it easier for organizations to adapt to the demands of a fast-paced digital environment.

To learn more, please visit our digital signature feature page.


The integration of digital signatures into our document viewer tool represents a commitment to providing users with a secure and efficient document management solution. Whether you are a business professional, legal practitioner, or anyone dealing with sensitive information, our tool empowers you to embrace the benefits of digital signatures while ensuring the highest document security standards.

Embrace the future of document management with the eViewer HTML5 document viewer tool, where digital signatures are not just a feature but a cornerstone of a reliable and trustworthy document ecosystem.

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