Securely redact your sensitive information in all digital documents with eViewer HTML5 document viewer

In today’s digital era, protecting sensitive information is of high concern for individuals and organizations. Whether you are a legal professional handling confidential client documents, a healthcare provider managing patient records, or a bank dealing with sensitive financial data, ensuring that sensitive information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands is of utmost importance. One of the most effective ways to protect sensitive information in documents is through data redaction. It is a powerful way to ensure that confidential data remains protected.

Let’s explore why redaction is important and how eViewer can help to address this issue.

Importance of Data Redaction

Redaction identifies and covers sensitive information, such as social security numbers, account numbers, and personal identifying information (PII), so that unauthorized individuals cannot read it.

Data redaction plays a critical role in ensuring data privacy and security for several reasons:

  • Compliance : Various regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, mandate the protection of sensitive information. Non-compliance with these regulations can result in severe legal and financial consequences.
  • Confidentiality : Maintaining confidentiality is crucial in numerous sectors, including legal, healthcare, finance, and government. Redaction allows organizations to protect proprietary information and classified documents, ensuring confidentiality, safeguarding competitive edge, and national security.
  • Preventing Data Leakage : Redaction prevents data leakage when sharing documents with multiple stakeholders. It ensures that only authorized individuals can access specific information.
  • Reputation Management : Organizations’ reputations can suffer from data breaches. Redacting sensitive data helps maintain public trust in their commitment to data security.

How data redaction to documents is accomplished:

  • Manual Redaction : It is the process that involves a direct human intervention to manually obscure or remove specific content by using a black marker or other physical tool to cover a printed document. While it allows for direct control over the redaction process, it also carries potential risks, such as the possibility of oversight and human error.
  • Automated Redaction Tools : Digital redaction tools are designed to help users selectively hide, remove, or obscure sensitive information in digital documents ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to certain content.

eViewer HTML5 provides redaction capabilities that can automatically identify and redact sensitive information and eliminate the need for manual redaction. Let’s explore how eViewer solves sensitive data challenges by providing effective various redaction capabilities:

  • Redact Word : Search and redact a particular word in the document with ease. Users can also narrow the word search to be “whole word” and “case-sensitive”.
  • Smart AI Redaction : Data privacy and document management are becoming increasingly complex, and the need for advanced tools to safeguard sensitive information is more critical than ever. Artificial intelligence redaction assists in addressing the challenges of managing sensitive information. eViewer HTML5 employs AI to swiftly identify specific data-sensitive text and personally identifiable information (PII) elements such as names, account numbers, phone numbers, and more within the document. This AI-driven smart redaction automates the redaction process, enhancing efficiency and minimizing the risk of human error. It enables organizations to quickly and accurately safeguard sensitive information, maintaining compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Redact the Whole Page or Selected Text : Easily redact an entire page of the document instantly, or if you need to strategically redact content, you can redact a few selected words to multiple lines of text from the page with a single mouse action.

Redaction Support for Many File Types

Not just PDF, but with our eViewer HTML5, you can easily redact multiple document formats in one place including Word, Excel, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, and more. This means you don’t have to switch between different software to redact your files.

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Remember to stay updated with the latest security practices and regularly review and enhance your redaction process to adapt to evolving threats and compliance requirements. By adopting the right approach and tool, you can ensure the privacy and integrity of your confidential documents. In today’s world, where data breaches are a constant concern, including the eViewer HTML5 document viewer in your data protection strategy is a wise and responsible decision.

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