The Benefits of the IBM MO:DCA Format

The IBM MO:DCA format is a compound document format that allows for the storage of multiple types of objects, including text, images, vector graphics, and barcodes. It is an ideal format for applications that need to create color output that is independent from the device used for printing, and to preserve color consistency, quality, and fidelity of the printed material.

The MO:DCA format has a number of benefits, including:

  • Device independence: The MO:DCA format is device-independent, meaning that it can be viewed and printed on a variety of devices without requiring any changes to the file format. This makes it ideal for applications that need to be able to print to a variety of devices, such as printers, plotters, and copiers.
  • Color management: The MO:DCA format supports color management, which allows applications to control the color of the output. This is important for applications that need to produce consistent color output, such as documents that need to be printed on both color and black-and-white printers.
  • Barcode support: The MO:DCA format supports barcodes, which allows applications to generate barcodes that can be printed onto documents. This is useful for applications that need to generate barcodes for tracking inventory or for shipping products.
  • Archiving: The MO:DCA format is a good format for archiving documents, as it is a stable and reliable format. This means that documents stored in the MO:DCA format will be readable for many years to come.

MS Technology’s Support for MO:DCA

MS Technology has unmatched support for the MO:DCA format and has been providing IBM with MO:DCA rendering and conversion tools for over 20 years for IBM’s ECM solutions. Both eViewer and MST Batch Converter have robust support for rendering and converting MO:DCA with their IBM MO:DCA overlays.

Overall, the IBM MO:DCA format is a versatile and powerful format that can be used in a variety of applications. It is a good choice for applications that need to produce high-quality color output, or that need to be able to print to a variety of devices. If you need support for this format, please reach out to your MS Technology account manager for an in-depth conversation on how we can partner together on supporting your MO:DCA format needs.

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