AFBA experiences success with MST Batch Converter

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The Armed Forces Benefit Association (AFBA) is a non-profit organization that offers affordable life insurance and financial services to military personnel, first responders, and their families. AFBA operates in a highly regulated environment where the need to maintain and manage extensive documentation is paramount. To migrate their document management systems, they needed to convert various proprietary legacy document formats into TIFF format.

To address this requirement, AFBA and MS Technology implemented MST Batch Converter SDK, a powerful document conversion tool that can run as a background service and convert documents on an as-needed basis. Because AFBA requires quick and both single and bulk conversion of documents on their AS/400 IBM mainframe system, the MST Batch Converter Java software development kits (SDKs) toolkit was the best solution that could integrate with their current system to convert millions of MODCA and AFP documents to TIFF format and ensured that the file name and timestamps were preserved before and after the conversion process.

This implementation improved AFBA’s document conversion processes, allowing them to efficiently convert a diverse range of document formats. The MST Batch Converter provided AFBA with a high-speed and reliable document conversion process to convert their document formats to PDF or TIFF. By providing them with MST Batch Converter SDK, AFBA is now better equipped for greater efficiency and scalability.

AFBA-Batch Converter


  • MST Batch Converter SDK integrated into AFBA’s IT infrastructure, allowing seamless document conversion as a background process without disrupting day-to-day operations.
  • Converting documents with advanced data compression capabilities can compress documents without compromising quality or data integrity, ensuring no loss of essential information or formatting.
  • MST Batch Converter ensures that document conversion is carried out automatically. This automation process significantly reduces the need for manual intervention and provides cost savings.
  • AFBA requires the preservation of document metadata, making MST Batch Converter the perfect tool for this requirement. It ensures that metadata, including document name, date and time, and time stamps, remain intact throughout the conversion and compression processes. This guarantees that the original document’s critical information is not lost or altered, making the tool an ideal choice for AFBA.

To address AFBA’s challenges, we have implemented MST Batch Converter, a versatile and highly automated tool for document conversion. MST Batch Converter was chosen for its ability to:

Better Performance

MST Batch Converter provides exceptional performance by efficiently processing multiple tasks in a single batch rather than individually. This reduces overhead and improves utilization, minimizing the need for repetitive setup and teardown processes.

Preserve Folder Structure

The AFBA folder structure is preserved during the conversion process by maintaining the same folder hierarchy. The MST Batch Converter places the converted files in their corresponding folders, mirroring the original structure. It can also automatically iterate the process through all subfolders and files. This helps to maintain accessibility and ensures seamless integration of the converted files into existing workflows. Overall, this process helps to keep the files organized and easily accessible.

Maintain Conversion Quality

For AFBA, it is crucial to have a fast conversion speed without compromising the size of the converted file. MST Batch Converter can achieve this by using efficient compression algorithms during conversion that maintain or even reduce the file size. Additionally, it accurately converts documents with the highest quality possible, ensuring that the output file matches the original file’s characteristics. By doing so, it maintains an acceptable quality while reducing file size.

Automation Process

AFBA operates the MST Batch Converter as a background service process. This ensures that document conversions are carried out automatically on a day-to-day basis, thereby significantly reducing the need for manual intervention. The automated document conversion process has resulted in increased efficiency, reduced errors, and cost savings.

About AFBA

Since 1947, the Armed Forces Benefit Association (AFBA) has been providing death benefits for military members that no one else would. AFBA is committed to providing life insurance to those who serve this great nation, including military personnel, first responders, and government employees, regardless of whether they are in a time of war or peace. In addition to life insurance, AFBA offers its members a variety of other financial benefits and services.