MST Batch Converter assists AON with compressing document data and converting documents to a single file format for their IBM Content Manager 8 ECM system

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MST Bach Converter®

“MST Bach Converter
allows us to utilize our
current IT infrastructure
to maximize its
capabilities by allowing
us to convert
documents and images
during off-peak hours
when server usage is at
its lowest.”

Reisa Shogren
Productivity Technology Foundation
Tooling, Aon

AON is a global leader in risk management, insurance brokerage, and consulting services. The company relies heavily on document management and information governance to serve its diverse client base. AON faces a challenge with dealing with proprietary IBM formats generated from legacy IBM scanners, printers, and fax machines, with millions of documents being stored in the AFP family of formats. As such, managing large volumes of documents in various formats while ensuring data integrity and accessibility is crucial to their operations.

AON utilized the MST Batch Converter solution, a powerful toolkit that efficiently converts them to the widely-used PDF or TIFF formats and compresses document data to efficient storage. The MST Batch Converter is seamlessly integrated into their IBM Content Manager 8 ECM system. Due to their need for a quick and bulk conversion of document formats, AON required software development kits (SDKs) toolkits that could meet their specific requirements. The MST Batch Converter provided them with a high-speed and reliable document conversion process, with a success rate of 100%, to convert their legacy AFP document formats to PDF or TIFF.

By providing them APIs, preserving metadata, standardizing document formats, and enhancing document accessibility, AON has positioned itself for greater efficiency and scalability. The MST Batch Converter offers a solution for complex document management challenges, allowing organizations like AON to become more agile and competitive in their industry.

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  • MST Batch Converter automatically converts various document formats into a standardized format, reducing compatibility issues and improving collaboration.
  • The advanced data compression capabilities can compress document data without compromising quality or data integrity, resulting in more efficient document storage and increased operational efficiency.
  • The ability to process documents in batches during off-peak hours was a significant advantage for AON. It allowed them to handle large volumes of document conversions efficiently, ensuring that their document management server processes focus on document rendering during work hours and document conversion during off-peak hours.

The implementation of the MST Batch Converter within AON’s IBM Content Manager 8 ECM system yielded several key features aligned perfectly with their requirements.

Preservation of Metadata

One of the critical considerations for AON was the preservation of document metadata during the conversion and compression processes. MST Batch Converter ensured that the metadata, such as document creation dates, time, authorship, and more remained intact.


The batch processing capabilities of the MST Batch Converter allowed AON to handle growing document volumes without increasing the number of dedicated servers but by using existing servers during off-peak hours.

Cost Savings

By compressing document data and reducing storage space requirements, AON achieved significant cost savings related to storage infrastructure and ongoing maintenance.

Data Integrity

The preservation of metadata and data integrity during the conversion process was critical for compliance and legal requirements, and the MST Batch Converter met this need.

High-speed conversion

It rapidly converts millions of documents and images to either PDF or TIFF format at a high speed. The high conversion speed does not compromise the converted file size.


MST Batch converter provides the facility to create and execute multiple conversion jobs simultaneously via its multi-threaded architecture, making it easy to configure and run multiple conversion jobs while providing live monitoring of the conversion process and reviewable logs.

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