MST Batch Converter assists BCBS with converting several document formats into PDF

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Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is a leading healthcare insurance provider that serves millions of customers throughout the United States. The organization deals with a significant amount of documents on a daily basis, which includes claims, policy documents, and member records. To enhance efficiency and reduce licensing costs, BCBS decided to implement a document conversion solution to convert large volumes of various document formats to PDF, improving document management.

BCBS faced the challenge of accessing several legacy proprietary documents, including MO:DCA. Additionally, scanned documents sent in could be in JPEG, PDF, or some other format, and faxed documents were saved in their systems as TIFF. When the claims specialist had to review claims, they had to open various applications to review the entire claim due to the various file formats. This approach was leading to operational inefficiencies.

To tackle this challenge, BCBS decided to implement the MST Batch Converter. The implementation of the MST Batch Converter at BCBS was a game-changer for their document management processes. This technology significantly improved efficiency, data sharing and mobility, and overall operational effectiveness. With the help of the .NET SDK, they were able to build their document conversion process for converting the MO:DCA, JPEG, and TIFF documents into PDFs on a regular basis. The technology also enabled BCBS to extract the attachments from their emails and convert them into PDFs. The investment in this technology reduced operational costs and enhanced customer service by providing faster access to critical information. As a result, BCBS was better positioned to meet the ever-increasing demands of the healthcare insurance industry. MST Batch Converter is a great example of how technology can transform document management in a large organization, resulting in tangible benefits and improved customer satisfaction.

AFBA-Batch Converter

The implementation of the MST Batch Converter at BCBS brought about several significant benefits:

  • The MST Batch Converter can convert various formats, such as Word documents, TIFF, MO:DCA, spreadsheets, and more, into PDF files.
  • BCBS achieves high-speed, high-quality conversion of millions of documents to a desired output while maintaining file integrity.
  • MST Batch Converter offers a .NET SDK that provides flexibility to BCBS for deployment without OS and framework constraints.

BCBS decided to address its challenges by implementing an MST Batch Converter, offering the following key features:


The MST Batch Converter has been seamlessly integrated into BCBS’s existing document management systems and workflow processes, providing a smooth and efficient experience.

Enhanced Efficiency

BCBS increased productivity since all claims were in a single document format and made it easier for BCBS to share documents with outside organizations such as Medicare and Medicaid.

Cost Savings

BCBS reduced costs by reducing the number of application licenses needed by their users to review their claims and claims were paid faster.


MST Batch Converter gives BCBS the ability to convert documents to PDF/A for long-term storage for closed claim files.


As organizations grow and handle more data, MST Batch Converter can easily scale to handle increased volumes, ensuring that data conversion processes remain efficient and reliable.

About BCBS

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is a federation of 35 independent health insurance companies operating across the United States. Although these entities are separate, they share a common goal of providing quality healthcare services. BCBS has extensive provider networks and is committed to promoting community health, serving millions of Americans. The company emphasizes non-profit objectives and innovative healthcare solutions, making it a significant player in the American healthcare system. BCBS is recognized for its nationwide presence and efforts to enhance access to healthcare services for everyone.