SSA adopts eViewer HTML5 for IBM Content Manager 8

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60,000 employees


MST® eViewer®

Content Manager 8


MST Technical
Account Manager (TAM)

MST Consulting

“MST Technical Account Manager (TAM)
Technology’s technology
in our IT infrastructure for
many years for our Java
Applet document
rendering needs.
Migrating to eViewer for
HTML5 document
rendering was a no
brainer for us as it easily
meets all of our
requirements and more.”

J. Scott Wallace
Director of IT Infrastructure,
Social Security Administration

“Working with the MS
Technology’s consulting
team has been a delight.
They assist us with
integrating and working
with the dev team to help
provide any backend APIs
to meet are application

Noem Alpers
IT Specialist Manager,
Social Security Administration

The United States Social Security Administration (SSA) is an independent agency of the U.S. federal government that administers Social Security, a social insurance program consisting of retirement, disability and survivor benefits. SSA is headquartered in Woodlawn, Maryland, just to the west of Baltimore, at what is known as Central Office. In addition to its 1,200 field offices, the agency includes 10 regional offices, 8 processing centers, and 37 Teleservice Centers. As of 2018, about 60,000 people were employed by SSA.

To meet the upcoming IBM eClient support end-of-life deadline, SSA decided to migrate its Java-based frontend IBM viewing solution to MS Technology’s eViewer for IBM Content Manager 8. With the flexible HTML5 viewer, SSA has enhanced its capabilities to improve efficiency, provide the same functionalities available in IBM’s eClient and more, and reduce costs.

Government Systems with eViewer


  • Access to the same document support and functionalities available in IBM eClient but not available with IBM Daeja HTML5 Viewer
  • High performance document rendering, which in turn increase productivity
  • Reduced server load and IT infrastructure costs
  • Access to MS Technology’s world class support for not only viewer issues but with assistance with integrating eViewer into all of the various applications SSA has in its infrastructure for their users to be able to quickly review case files.

Meeting IBM’s deadline by migrating to eViewer

As an already satisfied customer of MS Technology’s Raster SDKs, SSA decided to adopt eViewer as its new document viewer for IBM Content Manager 8 after months of attempting to integrate and gain user acceptance of IBM Daeja HTML5 viewer with little success.

“We already had existing knowledge of MS Technology products and found them to be high performing, customizable, secure, and stable,” said J. Scott Wallace . “eViewer offered the all the capabilities to meet our 50,000 users’ needs without compromise.” eViewer v7 for IBM Content Manager 8 is tailored to the needs of IBM CM8 users, helping them rendering all the same document types, annotations, and overlays created and displayed by IBM pClient and eClient, and reduce costs by highly reducing server workload and high availability, and IBM-specific components.

After a proof of concept (POC), MS Technology created a custom installation image, assisted SSA’s with integrating eViewer with various IBM, non-IBM applications, and custom middleware, and created custom functions and APIs.

Delivering quicker case resolution and faster payments

  • Improved efficiency and cost of service along with limited downtime with MST’s support.
  • Reduced server load and call-backs due to eViewer’s client-side rendering engine.
  • Reduced user learning curve of eViewer with the intuitive GUI and the same functionality they have become accustomed to with IBM’s eClient.