eViewer helps Worldpay with payment transaction disputes with its vendors

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WorldPay is a renowned global leader in payment processing solutions. It operates in a complex environment involving a vast vendor and partner network. Managing disputes related to payment processing disputes can be challenging. To streamline the resolution process, WorldPay implemented the eViewer 5, a cutting-edge document viewing solution. This significantly improved WorldPay’s ability to resolve payment processing disputes, optimizing efficiency and strengthening vendor relationships. The adoption of eViewer has revolutionized Worldpay’s transaction dispute processing challenges.

Worldpay requires a secure document viewing application for both internal and external users of their system. Additionally, all of their users need the ability to scan documents into their systems, retrieve documents from repositories, and insert scanned documents outside of the viewer. Once documents were uploaded to Worldpay’s repository, they needed the ability to split documents into different categories and save each group as an individual document in the TIFF format, following specific compression and resolution guidelines.

eViewer was the best solution for Worldpay’s needs and workflow applications. eViewer allowed users to scan documents, and upload and retrieve documents to and from Worldpay’s repositories. Documents and images could be in either TIFF or PDF formats. It also provided the flexibility to split documents into different groups and save each group as an individual document in their workflow, following their specific TIFF compression, bit depth, and resolution. eViewer was integrated into Worldpay’s internal and external merchant supporter systems.

WPY payment processing

Upgraded to eViewer v7

Worldpay modernized its workflow portals technology for less application interactions with the server, more processing on workstations, less dependencies on Java®, and a higher level of security. For the viewer for this new application, they needed a single-page application (SPA) for all document processing on the browser, removing the dependency on the server for document viewing, editing, splitting, or saving.

eViewer version 7, developed with Angular 11, provides the same functionality as eViewer 5, which provides most all viewer rendering, processing, and functionalities on the workstation. Worldpay made the easy decision to use eViewer 7 for their new, modern web portal application.


  • eViewer 7, a browser-based application, provides a cost-effective approach for Worldpay as there is no need to operate multiple, dedicated servers for the viewer, which reduces infrastructure costs.
  • eViewer’s secure access feature has improved compliance with industry regulations, ensuring that all processes are transparent and compliant.
  • Collaboration allowed Worldpay’s team members and vendors to communicate and share comments directly within the platform providing real-time discussions and expediting dispute resolution times.

eViewer provides an advanced, secure, and faster document-viewing solution to Worldpay which supports

Zero Footprint

eViewer is a zero-footprint application that does not leave any document traces on the browser, user device, or on the server and ensures secure document access and collaboration.


AngularJS technology is used by eViewer to process documents on the client side for faster rendering and to reduce server load and network traffic, resulting in more efficient document management and a seamless experience for Worldpay.

User-Friendly Interface

eViewer 7 offers an improved user experience with its intuitive interfaces, customizable options, high-quality rendering, seamless navigation, optimized performance, accessibility features, and strong security measures. All these features work together to create an enjoyable experience for Worldpay users to interact with documents.


Worldpay requires a scalable solution for its users, and eViewer provides just that. With no need for application downloads or client-side installations, eViewer is a versatile and easy-to-use solution to view documents quickly on any device or browser, without requiring the creator application.

About Worldpay

Worldpay is an industry-leading global payment processing provider that provides comprehensive payment solutions for businesses of all sizes, enabling them to accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets. Worldpay plays a pivotal role in the modern payments ecosystem, helping businesses efficiently manage and grow their payment capabilities.