MST announces Lite and Professional versions of the eViewer

Zero-footprint, cross-platform client offers secure document viewing on more devices than ever

Charlotte, NC —January 14, 2014 -MS Technology (MST),a leader in viewing, collaboration, redaction and conversion technology, announces the release of two versions of the eViewer, an HTML5-based client, Lite and Professional.

Both versions of the eViewer provide the same amazing performance and rendering of documents and images. The Lite version of the eViewer provides only the ability to render all major document types whereas the Professional version allows rendering of all document types supported, as well as collaboration and redaction features.

Alexander Grant, VP of Product Development at MST, said, “We have a number of customers that have Cloud storage of their documents and images, and want a simple way of viewing documents before downloading it without all the additional features of collaboration and redaction. The eViewer Lite meets those needs, saving on bandwidth usage, time and increasing productivity. The eViewer Professional provides all the great features needed by users involved with workflow activities and other power users.”

To find out which version is right for you, please contact your MST sales representative.