MST announces renewal of IBM Agreement

MST Announces renewal of Multi-Year Agreement with IBM for Use of Technology in Content Manager 8

Charlotte, NC —March 1, 2016 -MS Technology (MST),a leader in viewing, collaboration, redaction and conversion technology, announces that IBM has renewed its licenses for MST’s innovative and powerful MST Raster SDK for Java technology and MST’s ICMViewer. IBM will continue to use MST’s technology, which it has been using since 2001.

MST’s imaging technology provides IBM with the capability to view, annotate and convert IBM file formats MO:DCA, IOCA and PTOCA documents, MS Office and PDF documents, as well as many other types of files including PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and ABIC.

MST’s unique capability to provide flexible yet robust tools and viewers available across multiple platforms including Java is important to many large institutions. They appeal to companies who have many different types of computing platforms and to developers who need to quickly add powerful imaging capabilities to the viewers and conversion products they develop.

“We are very excited about this IBM license renewal as IBM and MST have worked together for over eighteen years,” said Mahendra Lamba, President, MS Technology. “We look forward to continued good will and shared technologies between the two companies for years to come.”