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MST Batch Converter

The Ultimate Document and Image Conversion Tool

MST Batch Converter


MST Batch Converter is a powerful image and files conversion application that converts large batches of documents and/or image files from one file type format to another. Integrated with the MS Technology Envision IT™ technology to ensure the highest fidelity, the MST Batch Converter has built-in functionality to support various file conversions concurrently with an easy-to-use user interface, making fast and accurate conversions. It converts files, such as TIFF, JPEG, MO:DCA, DICOM, ASCII, Email, MS Office formats and many others, to more portable file types, such as PDF and TIFF.

Configure and Execute Multiple Conversion Processes in Parallel

Configure and execute multiple conversions concurrently with 100% accuracy. Configuring multiple source and destination file locations for conversion for the same time. Each conversion task can be individually monitored, paused and restarted at any given time.



Ultrafast Conversion

The MST Batch Converter is optimized to convert thousands of documents or images in a matter of seconds with the highest of fidelity.

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Extensive File Format Support

Convert hundreds of documents types to more common, portable document types such as PDF and TIFF.


Annotations and Markups

Convert documents with our without their annotations. Includes supports IBM Content Manager 88 and FileNet P8 annotations.



Available as a Windows or Linux desktop application, as well as a Java SDK, to be able to be deployed in any environment including IBM AIX.

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Technical Info

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