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Compare Documents Quickly with eViewer HTML5

Say goodbye to manual line-by-line comparisons that consume valuable time and often lead to errors. eViewer can compare, not only text-based PDFs, but also embedded objects, non-text-based PDFs, image document files, MS Office documents, and more, streamlining workflow and boosting productivity.

Document Comparison

Key Benefits

eViewer offers seamlessly navigating through extensive documents, including several benefits:

Powerful Comparison Capabilities

No detail is too small to escape detection, as eViewer provides complete accuracy. Detect alterations in text, images, annotations, and graphics guaranteeing the visual integrity of your documents. Analyse textual content, highlighting variations inserted and deleted, ensuring a clear understanding of each modification.

Comparison Capabilities
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Supported File Types

eViewer document comparison supports a wide array of popular document and image formats and applications, enhancing your workflow. Whether you are working with Microsoft Word, PDF, TIFF, MODCA, or other commonly used formats, ensure a frictionless experience of comparing documents.

Seamless Integration

eViewer integrates with all major document management systems, web applications, and the flexible installation and deployment options support any size organization. We provide frontend integration via JavaScript/Typescript APIs and middleware integration via RESTful APIs which helps with batch processing of the documents.


Collaborative Review

Compare different versions of documents side by side and identify text, image, annotation, and formatting changes such as inserted, deleted, and replaced within the document. Users can add comments to identified differences to streamline the review process.


The OCR documents and images such as TIFF, MODCA, JPEG, and more can be compared side by side, and the differences are highlighted just like with regular text-based documents. eViewer ensures a high level of accuracy in recognizing the content to produce reliable comparison results that reflect the actual changes made to the text. The viewer automatically performs OCR on the rendered images if the OCR plugin is configured with eViewer.

Enhanced Features

Enhanced Features

eViewer accurately identifies relevant changes to the text, images, graphics, and annotations without additional conversion steps, even if the versions of the document are in different formats such as scanned PDF, Microsoft Office, TIFF, MODCA, or even other scan and image files. The old and new changes between both documents are displayed. eViewer provides users to scroll the document in sync with each other while in the comparison mode.

Visual Comparison and Reporting

Enhance the user experience and facilitates the review process by identifying changes and generating a comprehensive report. In the viewer, documents are displayed side by side and the comparison result is also given. A comprehensive summary of all the changes detected during the comparison process. The report includes detailed information about inserted, deleted, and replaced text, images, and annotations of the documents.

Visual Comparison
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Customer Support

  • MS Technology provides worldwide support for eViewer HTML5 document and image viewer. Options are available to choose the best support plan that meets your organization’s needs.
  • Our unmatched, technical support is available through our online portal, email, and web screen-sharing sessions. We are committed to providing exceptional customer support to ensure your experience with our software is smooth and successful.
  • MS Technology continually updates the online documentation of eViewer HTML5 document and image viewer including API details, functionalities, and user guides.

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