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Ultimate PDF Form Filler Solution: eViewer HTML5

Whether your organization is managing agreements, tax forms, data collection, and/or surveys, eViewer HTML5 document viewer empowers you to handle any PDF form seamlessly. eViewer can handle any type of form documents, of any complexity, and enable people complete these forms digitally to simplify your document management workflow processes. All while saving time and printing costs, and also reducing manual input and legibility errors.

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Detect Form Fields Automatically

eViewer’s AI automatically detects form fields accurately throughout the document, whether , allowing users to digitally complete them.


Support for Adobe Acroforms

eViewer supports Adobe Acroforms seamlessly and allows users to fill out the various elements on the Adobe Acroforms document from text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, to dropdown lists. Fill, save, and submit these Adobe Acroforms virtually without any hassle.

Flattened your PDF Forms

No need to worry about manipulation of data as eViewer has the ability to flatten the completed PDF form to prevent unwanted alterations to the document.

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XFDF File Export Import

Import XFDF and Form Data Extraction

Import and merge XFDF data to Acroforms and other form documents. Ideal for organizations with high volume document creations and use of templates.

Extract Acroforms and other form documents’ completed entry data into XFDF files for use with other applications and archival purposes.

Synergistic and Compatibility

Unlock more potential when using PDF forms with other of eViewer’s features including Digital Signatures, and Redactions to provide a more complete end-to-end, seamless solution for your users.

Render PDF forms digitally from anywhere with any device as eViewer is compatible with many devices such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Fill out PDF forms on any browser without any need for a desktop application and save them seamlessly to your ECM repository or database.

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Customer Support

  • MS Technology provides worldwide support for eViewer HTML5 document and image viewer. Options are available to choose the best support plan that meets your organization’s needs.
  • Our unmatched, technical support is available through our online portal, email, and web screen-sharing sessions. We are committed to providing exceptional customer support to ensure your experience with our software is smooth and successful.
  • MS Technology continually updates the online documentation of eViewer HTML5 document and image viewer including API details, functionalities, and user guides.

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eViewer is a digital solution that helps to promote environmental sustainability by enabling users to complete digital document forms without printing, which eliminates the need for paper-based workflows and reduces processing errors. By embracing digital solutions like eViewer, you can align streamline workflows and increase productivity.

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