MS Technology offers powerful support for IBM’s MO:DCA format family. MS Technology has been the sole provider of MODCA support to IBM to use with their ECM solutions including IBM Content Manager 8 (CM8), Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD), Content Navigator, and WEBi. This format is most commonly used by government agencies, banking, finance and insurance companies to archive standard forms and other records.

What is MODCA?

MODCA (Mixed Object Document Content Architecture), or MO:DCA, is an IBM compound document format for text and graphics elements in a document. The ‘Mixed Object’ refers to the fact that an MODCA file can contain multiple types of objects, including text, images, vector graphics, and barcodes.

MODCA supports Revisable Documents, which are editable like revisable-form text, Presentation Documents, which provide specific output formatting similar to final-form text, and Resource Documents, which hold control information such as fonts. An MODCA file consists of a sequential, ordered hierarchy of independent objects – documents, pages, data objects, and resource objects such as fonts and ICC profiles. Each object is delimited by begin/end structures, and objects to be rendered specify presentation parameters and resource requirements in structures called “environment groups”. Since the pages in MODCA documents appear in sequential order, presentation can start as soon as the first page is received.

Formats for specific objects are specified in various OCAs (Object Content Architectures): PTOCA for presentation text that has been formatted for output, GOCA for vector graphics objects, IOCA for bitmapped Images, FOCA for fonts, and BCOCA for barcodes. MODCA is implemented as IBM’s Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) page description language.

MS Technology’s Solutions

MS Technology has over 25 years of experience with the MODCA format and guarantees 99.999% support of this format with all of our products including the MST Viewer, eViewer HTML5 document viewer, and MST Batch Converter.

Our powerful viewers and conversion tools enable you to view, convert, manipulate, combine, annotate, redact and print MO:DCA files. Not only can MS Technology view and convert MODCA documents and image files, our solutions can render the MODCA annotations and overlays files.

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