MS Technology has been assisting government agencies at both the federal level as well as state and local with their document management application needs. Government agencies have unique IT infrastructures and requirements given their complex and various life stages of IT hardware and software. Using cross-platform, flexible software solutions offer the best options for government agencies with extending the life of their expensive IT infrastructure.

Cross-platform document viewers and converters offer several advantages and benefits for the government agencies with aging ECM systems, including:


Improved efficiency

Document viewers allow government agencies to quickly access and review important documents, such as contracts, reports, and legislative proposals. This can save time and improve workflow efficiency, which is particularly important for government agencies that are often dealing with large volumes of complex information.


Enhanced collaboration

Document viewers enable multiple users to access and view the same documents simultaneously, regardless of their location. This can improve collaboration between team members and external partners, which is essential in the government where accurate and timely information is critical.

Data Security

Greater Security

Document viewers should have features such as auto-redaction that prevent users without proper security clearance to be presented with certain pieces of data. Additionally, document viewers can prevent downloading of documents to the user’s system to prevent unauthorized distribution of documents.

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Greater transparency

Document viewers can help promote transparency in government by making it easier for citizens to access and review public documents, such as government reports and meeting minutes.


Better record-keeping

Document viewers can help government agencies better manage and store their documents, which is essential for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. This can also make it easier to locate and retrieve important information when needed.

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Cost savings

Extending the life of aging mainframes and document management systems by providing the latest technology frontend to interface with newer solutions to provide more functionality without having the retire the older robust data systems.

MS Technology Solutions

Content Viewing Solution: eViewer

eViewer provides government agencies with all the tools and flexibility they need to integrate a high performance HTML5 document viewer into their technology stack or application system. Enhance collaborations using various document annotations and the ability to comment on any annotation for greater clarification. Additionally, for added security, eViewer can enable automatic redactions to prevent users from seeing details they don’t have permissions to.


Content Conversion Solution: MST Batch Converter

Convert multiple files of various formats into a single format for easy discovery, MST Batch Converter can help you increase productivity and streamline your processes, and document management. MST Batch Converter improves efficiency in the workplace by consolidating various file formats into PDF for greater mobility and for better database storage.

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