In today’s fast-paced healthcare environment, efficient management and access to patient records, financial records, insurance forms, medical documents, clinical trial data, and administrative files are critical to delivering high-quality care while maintaining compliance with regulatory standards. eViewer plays an essential role in streamlining document management, enhancing collaboration among healthcare professionals and researchers, viewing DICOM medical images, and improving overall efficiency within the healthcare industry.

Let’s explore the significant benefits of using eViewer in the healthcare industry:

Universal eViewer

Better Accessibility

eViewer enables healthcare providers to access patient records and medical documents swiftly, irrespective of their location. It allows healthcare professionals to access the required document in any format (MS Office, PDF, DICOM, and more) from any device including desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices. This quick retrieval of information helps healthcare professionals make informed decisions regarding patient care.


Improved Workflow Efficiency

eViewer streamlines document management workflows by providing features such as text search, annotation tools, redaction of patient data, and much more. Healthcare professionals can efficiently navigate through large volumes of documents, highlight critical information, and comment on documents for further review and collaboration. This improves workflow efficiency and saves time.

Doc Viewing

Cost Effective

eViewer offers an effective solution to healthcare organizations by reducing their reliance on paper-based documentation. This results in a reduction of operational costs associated with printing, storage, and administrative overhead. Additionally, the improved efficiency and productivity lead to cost savings over time.

Data Security

Secure Sensitive Data

eViewer provides access controls to ensure that patient data remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access or data breaches. It provides administrative control with an easy-to-configure user interface making it easy to establish and manage user permissions. eViewer also provides a Smart Redaction feature that protects confidential patient data and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) before transmitting documents to third parties.


Promote Collaboration

eViewer promotes collaboration among healthcare professionals by allowing them to view, access, and make comments on the documents in real time. Whether seeking second opinions or coordinating treatment plans, healthcare teams can collaborate effectively to deliver optimal patient care.


Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Healthcare organizations are obligated to follow strict regulatory standards, including HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and HITECH, to ensure the security and confidentiality of patient data. eViewer includes audit trails that assist with compliance with regulatory requirements, which helps to reduce the risks of non-compliance penalties and legal issues.



eViewer is highly compatible with various IT systems. It comes with a wide range of REST APIs, which allows system integrators to easily integrate eViewer into numerous workflow applications and ECMS including IBM FileNet P8, IBM Content Manager 8, Pegasystems, Epic MyChart, and OpenText Documentum.

As healthcare organizations continue to embrace digital transformation initiatives, eViewer will remain an essential tool for optimizing document management processes and delivering high-quality care to patients.

MS Technology Solutions

Content Viewing Solution: eViewer

eViewer provides healthcare industry with all the tools and flexibility they need to integrate a high performance HTML5 document viewer into their technology stack or application system. Enhance collaborations using various document annotations and the ability to comment on any annotation for greater clarification. Additionally, for added security, eViewer can enable automatic redactions to prevent users from seeing details they don’t have permissions to.


Content Conversion Solution: MST Batch Converter

Convert multiple files of various formats into a single format for easy discovery, MST Batch Converter can help you increase productivity and streamline your processes, and document management. MST Batch Converter improves efficiency in the workplace by consolidating various file formats into PDF for greater mobility and for better database storage.

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