MS Technology has been assisting law firms and legal departments with their document management needs. People that work in the legal industry are very familiar with the amount of paperwork and document review that is involved. Many legal professionals rely on specialized application, including document viewers and converters, to assist them in accomplishing their tasks.

Document viewers and converters offer several advantages and benefits for the insurance industry, including:

Document Security


Document viewers often include eDiscovery capabilities, which can help legal professionals quickly identify and collect relevant documents for litigation or other legal proceedings. This can save time and reduce the cost of eDiscovery, which can be a significant expense for law firms.


Improved collaboration

Document viewers enable multiple users to access and view the same documents simultaneously, regardless of their location. This can improve collaboration between lawyers, paralegals, and external partners, which is essential in the legal industry where accurate and timely information is critical.

doc compare

Document comparison

Document viewers can help legal professionals quickly compare different versions of a document, such as contracts, pleadings, and other legal documents. This can help identify changes, additions, or deletions, which is essential in the legal industry where document accuracy is critical.


Better organization

Document viewers can help law firms better manage their documents by providing advanced search capabilities and enabling users to create tags, update metadata, categorize, and annotate documents. This can make it easier to locate and retrieve important information when needed.

Universal eViewer

Mobile access to documents

Many document viewers offer mobile access to documents, enabling legal professionals to view and collaborate on documents from anywhere, at any time, using their smartphones or tablets. This can be particularly beneficial for legal professionals who are working remotely or who need to access documents while in court or traveling.

High Fidelity Rendering

Improved accuracy

Document viewers can help legal professionals quickly locate specific pieces of information within a document, reducing the risk of errors and improving accuracy. This is particularly important in the legal industry where even small errors can have significant legal and financial implications.

Data Security

Document data protection

Document viewers and converters often include features, such as redaction and watermarking to protect sensitive legal information from unauthorized viewing and distribution.

MS Technology Solutions

Content Viewing Solution: eViewer

eViewer HTML5 provides the legal departments and professionals with all the tools and flexibility they need to get tasks done quickly and efficiently. Enhance collaborations using various document annotations and the ability to comment on any annotation for greater clarification when reviewing documents. eViewer can also compare two versions of the same document and highlight even the minute differences that a person could miss which could cost their clients.


Content Conversion Solution: MST Batch Converter

Convert multiple files of various formats, including TIFF, MODCA, and MS Office, into a single format for easy eDiscovery, MST Batch Converter can help you increase productivity and streamline your processes, and document management. MST Batch Converter can also automatically apply watermarks to documents being converted to prevent misuse of them. MST Batch Converter improves efficiency in the workplace by consolidating various file formats into PDF for greater mobility and for better database storage.