MS Technology Partnerships

Our partners help bring the future of work to customers.

Partner with MS Technology to expand your business opportunities in new lucrative markets with our powerful, versatile viewing technology.

Partnership Opportunities

MS Technology’s partner program provides all the tools, resources, and support you need to increase your profitability and advance your business. Our focus is on developing mutually beneficial partnerships through opportunity development, incentives for long-term relationships, increased ease of business process, customer demand, and engagement. Discover the right MS Technology partnership for your organization.

Reseller Program

Enhance your offerings with MS Technology’s reseller partner program to help build your business and help your customers achieve their goals.

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OEM Program

Learn about MS Technology’s OEM partner program, and the benefits and advantages of packaging eViewer into your solution for your customers.

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ISV Program

Learn about MS Technology’s ISV partner program, the key advantages, how being a part of our ISV program can help your clients, grow your business, and how your company can join.

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