ISV Partner Program

Integration is a hot topic with your partners and customers, and a requirement that comes up during the sales cycle. And your competition is offering it. We understand that ISV Partners have specific needs and requirements. Our ISV program is designed to provide you with access to the sales, marketing and technical support that you will need to develop, integrate and promote your solutions in new markets around the globe. As an OEM partner, you can embed select MST products as an integrated component of your overall software, hardware or appliance design. MST enables embedded OEMs in a variety of industries, including financial services, manufacturing, communications, energy, healthcare, and storage. MST works with you to validate design, and provide access to roadmaps and early software releases.

The ISV Partner Program offers you five key benefits:

1. Business confidence:

A partnership with MS Technology gives you a rock-solid business foundation. Our solutions are using the industry standards or today and tomorrow.

2. Expanded distribution:

Extend your distribution channels into untapped markets and countries. A Global ISV agreement, for instance, lets you buy different language versions of our software, and you are free to deploy your final application worldwide.

3. Niche-market opportunities:

There is no such thing as a mass-market. Instead, there are multiple niche markets, each with very specific needs. An Autodesk ISV partnership helps you develop and market niche solutions.

4. More tools:

You have access to industry-leading imaging and conversion technologies. More and more customers want to visualize and analyze their projects before they are real. We can help you meet these demands.

5. Improved productivity:

Partnership with MS Technology is a win-win. You save time and money going to market with customized applications. And once you are there we support you with training and marketing resources.

The MST ISV Partner Program offers best of breed support:

  • A team of integration experts to help you from design to go to market. Your success is our success.
  • A powerful set of development tools, documentation, samples and examples to get you started quickly.
  • A reliable platform built for distribution so you can easily provision and maintain your customers in one console.
  • Build once and connect to all the customer data sources you and your customers care about.
  • Straight forward, easy to understand distribution pricing that works with your pricing and licensing.
  • Have a problem? Have a great idea or an enhancement request? Talk to real product people who listen and care – we don’t kick you to a forum or make you pay extra to be heard.

Join the ranks of ISVs using MS Technology today and offer easy, reliable, no hassle integration to your customers and partners.