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Your IT department deserves better than “Ctrl-Alt-Delete” to resolve your application issues

Today’s IT systems are more complex than ever. Having solutions interoperate with both new and legacy technologies can make managing IT systems a virtual nightmare. The last thing your IT administrators need is to deal with are unhelpful vendor support teams whose first suggestion to resolve any issue is always to restart the server. We’re guessing your IT administrator already tried that by the time they submitted a ticket.

MS Technology’s approach to software support is simple: Provide the highest level of support by having an engineer on every software support issue meeting.

We understand that when your users’ cannot access your software systems, it is costing your company critical time and money. We cut to the chase and get your IT administrator on the phone with a knowledgeable engineer the first time, without making you jump through hoops and wasting your time. We’re aware that your IT administrators have had the highest level of training on maintaining your systems and having to start a support issue at tier 1 to diagnose an issue is extremely frustrating.

To ease this frustration, we work with your teams to help quickly diagnose the problem in your environment and provide you with a hotfix so your systems are back up and running as soon as possible. You shouldn’t have to wait months on a quarterly update.

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“Working with the MST Support team has been a phenomenal experience. We typically get a call back from their support team before we even get an initial response on an open ticket from our other software vendors. MST takes the time to properly diagnose every issue.”

Kelly B., Sr. Systems Engineer, American National Insurance Company

We provide a number of support options to match your company’s needs ranging from more economical, standard support during normal business hours, to 24/7 worldwide support. Whichever option your company chooses, MS Technology will always provide the highest level of support; unmatched in the industry.

To learn more about your products and support offerings, please reach out to us.

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