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eViewer vs IBM Daeja ViewONE

MS Technology eViewer and IBM Daeja ViewONE Virtual

MS Technology, an IBM Silver Business Partner, has over 25 years of experience delivering high-performance viewing solutions for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Software As A Service (SAAS), and in-house application.

MS Technology understands that content delivery is critical to the success of your business, but is a lack of investment and flexibility in IBM’s Daeja ViewONE viewer holding you back? Is IBM not providing the adequate support for your legacy and non-IBM applications? If you are unable to deliver the user-centric necessities now demanded by employees, customers or citizens, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Integrate With and Without IBM Content Navigator

    The eViewer can be integrated with or without IBM Content Navigator enabling integration with various middleware options and greater integration flexibility not available with the IBM Content Navigator or Daeja ViewONE Virtual viewer. Integrate with non-IBM application including Pega BPM, or a custom homegrown middleware application.

  • More Annotation Options for Greater Usability

    Beyond the standard IBM annotations, the eViewer offers more annotation options, including annotations compliant with BPM and workflows. The eViewer supports all CM8 and FileNet annotation formats including MODCA and JSON annotations.

  • 100% Backwards Compatible with IBM eClient and pClient

    The eViewer is the only viewer that supports all documents and annotations supported and created by the IBM eClient and pClient. Formats include MODCA documents and annotations. Create new annotations on a document in the eViewer, and users will be able to view and edit them in the eClient and pClient as well.

  • More APIs = Greater Flexibility

    Control all aspects of the eViewer via JavaScript APIs and integrations through REST APIs for getter flexibility.

  • Higher Performance

    The eViewer performs better than IBM Daeja ViewONE Virtual viewer with faster load time, quicker document rendering and page traversing, all which provide higher productivity to your users.

  • In-House Development

    The eViewer is completely built in-house from the ground up. We do not user third-party libraries to provide support for various formats including MODCA and PDF.

Top 10 reasons to upgrade from IBM Daeja to eViewer

Download our easy to read infographic on the top ten reasons to upgrade your organization from IBM Daeja to MST’s eViewer.


Comparison Chart

MS Technology eViewer IBM Daeja ViewONE
Integrations with IBM ECMs
Integration with and without IBM Content Navigator
Integration with non-IBM ECMs
Backwards Compatible with IBM eClient & pClient
Supports MS Office Documents
Supports MODCA documents and annotations
Supports Multi-Part Documents and TIFFs
Automated Redaction
Document Compare
Split and Merge Documents
Extensive REST APIs
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Hundreds of IBM customers have made the switch to the eViewer. Is it time you did too? Contact us now for us to help you with your evaluation of the eViewer.