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eviewer HTML5

Optimized for Your Microsoft Windows Environment

Providing users with the most features with flexibility

A universal and high-performance zero footprint ASP.NET document viewer, capable to load documents and render them exactly the way the documents were authored. A highly customizable viewer that can be integrated with any Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system including FileNet P8, SharePoint, Alfresco, and others or with your homegrown application.


The eViewer is able to launch and view documents quickly for improved productivity with minimal downtime.


The eViewer for ASP.NET supports an array file formats including MS Office formats (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx), PDF, TIFF, JPEG, CAD/CAM, BMP, etc.


The eViewer ASP.NET is optimized for Windows Servers for greater efficiency of server resources.


Document and Image Viewing

The eViewer delivers high-speed document and image viewing capabilities to your users, increasing productivity, and reducing downtime. Ultra-fast first page display technology greatly reduces rendering time which can be significant for large files.

Document Manipulation

The eViewer’s document manipulation tools provide essential tools with using digital documents and images in order to better manage and handle them during the reviewing processes. It enables users to move pages within a document, remove unnecessary content from documents, merge documents and much more.

Annotations & Markups

Users can easily add a variety of annotations and markups to all supported documents to effectively collaborate with colleagues and expedite documents through workflows.

Document Comparison

Compare two different versions of the same document side by side to quickly review changes between the versions.

User Preferences

ECM Integration

Technical Info

The following is the technical information for the HTML5 Viewer. If you require further assistance with topics, please feel free to contact us.