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Legacy Viewers

Users can access IBM Content Manager 8 repositories via MS Technology’s pClient (Windows Desktop thick clients) or the eClient (thick clients). The eClient Web application consists of JavaServer Pages (JSP), servlets and a viewer applet that runs on WebSphere Application Server. The eClient can communicate directly with the Resource Manager using Internet protocols. It can talk directly to the application server (for example, WebSphere). The eClient provides federated access to and searches across all IBM Content Manager repositories. The eClient can access multiple library servers.

Even though IBM has replaced the eClient and pClient with IBM Content Navigator, many Content Manager users still require the functionality that are provided with the eClient and pClient.Since MS Technology is the sole provider of the pClient and the main SDK components of the eClient, we are able to provide extended support for these clients to our customers or provide 100% compatible viewers for an enhanced user experience.

For more details on extending the support of the pClient and eClient or our 100% compatible viewers, please contact your MS Technology account manager.